The Development Committee is responsible for fundraising and development. The committee chairman is Bob Ross. Additional members of the committee are Curt Bianchi, Nan Clark, Parker Fowler, Bill Lock, Warren Smalley and Jim Herron.


Per the Friends bylaws, the Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, one director each from Colorado and New Mexico, and such other directors as appointed by the Board of Directors. The founder of the Friends, if serving as an elected member of the Board of Directors, shall be an ex officio voting member of the Executive Committee. If the president of the Friends is a paid employee, he or she shall be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

The 2006-2007 Executive Committee consists of Bob Craine, Bob Ross, Curt Bianchi, Dennis Sterosky, Bill Lock, Ed Lowrance, Jim Herron and Warren Smalley (ex officio).


The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Friends finances and financial records. The committee chairman is Friends Treasurer Dennis Sterosky. Additional members of the committee are Bob Craine, Bill Lock, Bob Ross and Warren Smalley (ex officio).


The Interpretation Committee oversees the programs that interpret the railroad and its history to visitors at the railroad property. It works in cooperation with the Projects Committee, the RGRPC, and the commission to plan for the uses of the cars and buildings. The committee chair is Terri Shaw. Additional committee members are Frank Martindell, Dick Ross, Spencer Wilson, and Howard Bunte.

Activities falling under the umbrella of this committee include interpretive planning for Chama, Cumbres, Osier, Sublette, Antonito and locations where historic structures have been removed (Cresco, Big Horn, Toltec, etc), the Yard and Train Docent program, designing interpretive plans for historic cars that will not be in charter service, developing exhibits, installing interpretive signs, conducting research, gathering reference materials like photos and maps, writing comprehensive studies on the historic structures and cars, collecting oral histories, and writing school curricula.

Some of the committee's projects will be scheduled into regular work sessions. Other projects can be done away from the railroad and at any time of the year. The 2004 work program includes these interpretive projects:

  • At Cumbres Pass: restoration of the spring house that served the depot, repair of the pump house, placement of historical markers for missing historic structures, archaeological investigation of sites of defunct historic structures, including the ones neighboring the former Lively general store. We are also looking for volunteers to design and rebuild a period kitchen in the section house and to build the models and exhibits for the inauguration of the visitor's center at Cumbres.
  • In Chama: clearing vegetation, rocks, coal, etc. will enable us to make clearer pathways to the scale house and the structures in the north yard. Creating an easier path to the north yard will enable us to exhibit restored cars on the tracks near the oil loading dock and encourage us to plan for restoration of the interior of the log bunkhouse.


The Library/Archive Committee is responsible for maintaining the Friends membership library and archives. Members of the committee are Spencer Wilson (chair) and Vern Glover.


Per the Friends bylaws, the Nominating Committee is formed each year for the purpose of nominating persons for the Friends board of directors. The chairman of the Nominating Committee is Warren Smalley. Additional committee members are Curt Bianchi, Parker Fowler, Art Nichols and Frank Yockey.


The Projects Committee oversees the projects undertaken each year at the Friends work sessions. The committee is responsible for selecting the projects, producing a report of the proposed work for the State Historic Preservation Offices, and organizing the work sessions. The committee chairman is Bob Tully. Additional members of the committee are Roger Briggs, Ed Lowrance, Don Metzler, Art Randall, Bob Ross, Roger Breeding (ex officio), Bill Lock (ex officio), and Jerry Sahnd (ex officio).


The Railfan Committee organizes ands runs special excursion trains sponsored by the Friends. The committee consists of chairman Bill Lock, Steve Fowler, Dan Pyzel, Spencer Wilson, Curt Bianchi and George Lawrence.