The Friends is a non-profit organization which shares with the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad (C&TSRR) Commission and the railroad’s operator the stewardship of a unique narrow gauge railroad property of important historic significance and remarkable scenic beauty.

Our mission is to preserve and interpret the railroad and to support the operation of the C&TSRR for the people of Colorado and New Mexico, who own it, and for the thousands of visitors who come to be transported back in time through the beauty of the San Juan Mountains.

"To preserve" means we will acquire, stabilize, and restore historic railroad equipment and structures.

"To interpret" means we will tell the story of the railroad, its people, and its impact on the communities it served from its construction beginning in 1880 to abandonment in 1968, by means of written, visual, and verbal communication.

"To support" means we will promote the C&TSRR to visitors and assist the Commission and the operator in such activities as our Board of Directors may find appropriate.

We welcome as members all who share this mission, and who will conduct themselves while on Friends business according to the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. Members are encouraged to participate in the preservation, presentation, and support activities authorized by the Board.

In carrying out our mission we:

  • Recognize that we are the guests of the people of Colorado and New Mexico, and we will maintain positive relationships with the Railroad Commission, the historical preservation agencies of those states, and with the operator of the railroad.
  • Will manage our affairs responsibly and ethically, and carry out our programs safely and in a professional manner.

Adopted by the Friends Board of Directors, March 7, 1992