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Idler Car

Aug 1, 2004. Photo: Curt Bianchi. Click image for large size.

Number: 010793
Type: Idler Car
Category: Freight
Last Inventoried: Aug 2, 2004 (Antonito)
How Acquired: Purchased from D&RGW, 1970.
Description: Standard gauge flat car with three couplers, used to join standard and narrow gauge cars in the same train on dual guage track.


Work Session A. What little remained of the old decking was removed and installation of new nailing boards was begun. [Dispatch 4-4]

Work Session B. FOCTS volunteers reassembled the brakes by reattaching the brake rigging, running a train line for brake service, and repairing the hand-brake system to operating condition. After the nailing boards were completed, new decking was installed on the car, with historically accurate 8/4-inch shiplapped, rough-sawn material. The decking was preserved with a coat of linseed oil. Final mechanical repairs, painting, and lettering was expected to be done in 1992. [Dispatch 4-4]


Both sets of couplers were installed on the west end of the car (only the standard gauge size is on the east end, next to the displayed standard gauge boxcars). Missing grab irons were replaced and other grab irons were straightened. The car was painted boxcar red. Lettering remained to be done. [Dispatch 5-4]


Work Session B. Lettered by FOCTS volunteers. [Dispatch 7-4]