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Cumbres & Toltec: A Photographic Tribute to America's Most Spectacular Scenic Railway
Sam Furukawa, Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation, June 2007, 176 pages, hardcover

Featuring 237 dramatic photos of your favorite railroad, this new book is the result of Friends member Sasm Furukawa's longtime fascination with the C&TS. Sam covers the line from Antonito to Chama, chasing regular operations and special trains. The magnificent scenery is highlighted in a series of spectacular pictures shot from a helicopter during the color peak of the 2006 fall foliage season.

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The Thunder of Their Passing: A Tribute to the Denver & Rio Grande's Narrow Gauge and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Robert D. Turner, Sono Nis Press, 2004, 288 pages, hardcover

This stunning volume presents an insightful portrait of one of the last great steam railroads in America. Included are reminiscences of those who knew the railroad as employees, travelers, and residents. The meticulously researched text explores the history of the railroad, its impact on the region, the circumstances and struggles that led to its long life and eventual preservation, and the unique qualities that have endeared it to so many people. Winter operations, stock trains, snowplows, the classic San Juan passenger train, locomotives and special equipment, and the day-to-day operations of an old and sometimes cantankerous railroad all feature in this enduring tribute. Over 500 color and black and white photographs.

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SOOT, It's What's For Dinner
Compiled by Nan Clark, Edited by Karen Ranger, Windy Point Press, 2002, 217 pages, softcover

Now in its second printing, this cookbook is a wonderful hybrid of great recipes and all things railroad. There is something for everyone: history and info on the C&TS, classic dishes, "quick and easy" prep, campfire cooking and one-dish wonders. There is artwork to compliment the text, a user friendly contents section for each chapter and an extensive index. The folks that have seen the cookbook say they want extra copies for family and friends.

Price: $20

The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad: The Historic Preservation Study
Spencer Wilson and Vernon Glover, Windy Point Press, 2001, 178 pages, softcover

The report to the historic preservation offices of the states of New Mexico and Colorado about the historic significance and unique qualities of the railroad property jointly purchased by them in 1970. It described the condition of the structures, equipment, places, and features and discussed the property as a living museum of railroad history and technology. It was the call to action for volunteer involvement and led to the formation of the Friends. Photos, site maps, historic documents.

Price: $15

Rocky Mountain Railroads Volume II - D&RGW: Durango to Alamosa and Salida
Richard L. Dorman and Bob Hayden, R.D. Publications, 2006, 174 pages, hardcover

This book tells the story of the narrow gauge routes of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad from Durango, Colorado to Chama, New Mexico, and on to Antonito, Alamosa, and Salida, Colorado. The lines covered include 350 miles ofÊrailroad in two states, and the scenery ranges from the rugged San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountains to sub-alpine meadows and broad, flat agricultural valleys.

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Rotary Snowplows on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Joseph P. Hereford, Jr., Windy Point Press, 1995, 72 pages, softcover

History of the rotary snowplows that operated on the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge. Photo history of the operations of rotaries OM & OY on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad between 1970 and 1974. Also, section describing operation of the rotary by engineer Earl Knoob.

Price: $15

The Cloud-Climbing Railroad: Highest Point on the Southern Pacific
Dorothy Jensen Neal, Texas Western Press, 1998, 135 pages, softcover

A history of railroading in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico.

Price: $15

Dining By Rail
James D. Porterfield, St. Martin's Griffin, 1998, 400 pages, softcover

Serving up the rich and colorful history of dining in the "Golden Age" of American railroading, Dining by Rail tells the story of how railroads went from tolerating vendors hawking soot-covered hotcakes, eggs soaked in lime water, and gritty black coffee in the 1840s, to providing meals that won awards in international competition by the 1940s. With over 150 illustrations and more than 300 recipes from 48 railroad companies, here is a complete picture of this most important aspect American culinary and travel history.

Price: $22

From The Dining Car: The Recipes and Stories Behind Today's Greatest Rail Dining Experiences
James D. Porterfield, St. Martin's Griffin, 2004, 304 pages, hardcover

Come inside the kitchens and dining rooms of today's great trains and rail cars, where top railroad chefs share their secrets for preparing meals that would be the envy of a conventional restaurant with a kitchen two or three times the size. More than two hundred recipes, one hundred photographs, and dozens of anecdotes take you on board private luxury trains, dinner trains, private rail cars, today's passenger trains, and freight railroad business cars.

Price: $34