2004 Work Session B Photos by Tad Arnold

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Drew Hackmeyer, Dave Ferro, Kevin Robertson, and Marshall Smith put the finishing touches on the two Fairmont Speeders which will be used to transport volunteers to remote locations along the line for the brush clearing project.
Diane Vos, Mary Whalen, and Mona Tully register volunteers and distribute orange sweat shirts.
Session B volunteers attend the Kick-Off Dinner at the High Country Restaurant.
At the Kick-Off Dinner, Roger Briggs, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday and is currently attending his 14th year as a Friends volunteer, was awarded a special locomotive oil can.
Volunteers gather for assignments at Work Session B.
Friends President and CEO Brian Shoup addresses the session B volunteers as Session B leader Bob Tully looks on.
Session B volunteers pose for their 'Class Picture.'
Kitchen Car crew Shirley Burke, Mary Whalen, Yvonne Schmitt, Susan Sutkus, Mary Jane Smith, Diane Vos, Edna Reed, and Mona Tully distribute lunches to volunteers as they leave for their vegetation control assignments.
Marshall Smith cuts rail to be used as a sign post.
Greg "Fuzzy" Anstine and Kevin Robertson take down a tree near Cumbres Summit.
Greg and Kevin limb and cut up the felled tree.
Sharon McGee and Alan Robson clear brush on the right of way.
Tim Bristow, John Sutkus and crew repair the Chama Depot roof.
Dave Ley, Mac Palmer, and Frank Smucker chip brush cleared from around the Chama Engine shop and yard.
Under the direction of Terry Shaw, volunteers have cleared the ROW between the Chama yard and the Chama River bridge.
The Friend's Fairmont Speeder, operated by Drew Hackmeyer, is used to transport volunteers to various locations along the ROW.
The Friend's Speeder is also used to transport brush to the chipper location, where Dave Ley and Frank Smuckers dispose of it.
Repairs to the Chama Depot roof by Tim Bristow, John Sutkus and their team are progressing well.
Alta and George Berkstresser transplant a tree to the banking near the Chama Depot.
With the help of Richard Poolite on the backhoe, Rod Whalen, Jack Warner, and George Lawrence erect a recycled rail as a sign post near the parking lot north exit.
Margeret La Fond, Susan Sutkus, Shirley Burke, Wardie Turner Plant flowers and shrubs on the banking between Terrace Ave. and the parking lot.
Marshall Smith, Jack Warner, and Bob Tully install signs beside the parking lot.
Roger Briggs puts the finishing touches on one of many new picnic tables which will be placed between the yard and the parking lot.
Daniel Throde and Peter Dulong use a rail car to transport brush to the chipper for disposal.
Under the direction of Tim Bristow and John Sutkus, the roofing crew finish repairs to the Chama Depot roof.
Assisted by Richard Poolite in the loader, Marshall Smith, Jack Warner, and Bob Tully build a traffic island in the parking lot.
One of the Friend's Fairmont Speeders is used to transport volunteer teams to remote locations along the rail line. The teams are removing track side trees and brush to minimize fire danger.
The fire patrol Speeder near Mud Tunnel.
Chemicals are sprayed on tree stumps to prevent regrowth.
Marshall Smith and Les Clark repair equipment used on the Friends brush clearing project.
Brooks Wilson, vegetation control team leader, repairs a power pole saw used to trim trees along the right of way.
Diane Vos, Alta Berkstresser, Margaret Lafond, Susan Sutkus, and Shirley Burke spread mulch in the garden near the parking lot. The mulch is a product of chipping brush that was removed from the ROW. Another fine example of recycling.
Using a rail car, Clyde Putman and Dave Traudt deliver another load of brush to the chipper crew, Frank Smucker, Bill Martin, and Mac Palmer.
Dave Ley and Les Clark change blades on a chipper.
The Chama Depot roofing crew puts the finishing touches on the roof east side.
Tony Diamond, Ross Miesem, and Bruce Bloom at work clearing trackside trees and brush in the Narrows.
Repairs to the Chama Depot roof west side are complete... a great job.
Marshall Smith works on installing the compressed air distribution system in the carpenter shop.
Greg "Fuzzy" Anstine sharpens his chain saw while discussing with Brooks Wilson strategy for dropping a dead tree near the Chama water tank. Les Clark videotapes the conversation.
Fuzzy discusses the strategy before going to work.
The first cut.
The tree comes down on target, or at least close.
Crew leaders Don Stewart, Brooks Wilson, and Dave Vos survey completed trimming east of the Narrows.
C&TS speeder engineer Charles Irvin stops at Coxo so that Don Stewart, Dave Vos, Brooks Wilson, Charles Stewart and Greg "Fuzzy" Anstine can survey brush that needs to be removed.
Brush East of Cascade Trestle along the ROW.
Mud Tunnel is as far as we can go due to construction... time for lunch.
On the return trip to Chama, the speeder stops at Cumbres Summit for a picture.