2004 Work Session C Photos by Tom Cardin

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RGRPC General Manager Kim Flowers addresses the volunteers at the Monday morning safety meeting.
Mary Cardin at the microphone.
Cabooses 05635 and 0503 at the start of the work session. 05635 is a converted stock car. 0503 is the only historic D&RGW caboose the Rio Grande allowed the C&TS to purchase in 1970.
Peter Christie works on a pipe gon restoration.
Volunteers inspect the oil rack.
Volunteers begin removing the siding from caboose 05635 in preparation for a rebuilt to a conventional caboose appearance.
Siding removal continues.
Caboose 05635 at the end of the first day of work session C.
On the caboose repair track, a set of trucks is removed and checked and straightened.
Wendell Schwitzer and Bill Pratt tighten bolts on the coupler pockets of flat car 6314.
The Big Horn telegraphone booth is back in Chama for a rebuild.
Bob Mackley and Terry Ryder measure for new siding on the Jordan Spreader.
Jerry Sahnd uses a soda blaster on a tank car.
Work Session B, Day 3: Caboose 05635 has been disassembled down to the floor.
Tony Kassens, Bob LaRoe and Peter Christie loosen truss rods on flat car 6314.
Volunteers cut out the herald and number from caboose 0503 while removing the old siding.
Les Clark checks the brakes on the Rogers locomotive.
Volunteers install a new side sill on caboose 05635. Behind it, the siding on caboose 0503 has been removed in preparation for re-siding.
The 2004 Work Session C Chama volunteers.