2004 Work Session F Photos by Tom Cardin

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Kim Smith addresses the volunteers at the Monday morning safety meeting while Friends director Bob Tully looks on.
Fred Springer talks to the telegraphone crew about his parlor car.
Phil McDonald and another volunteer check over the cab of locomotive 489.
Jim McGee and Roy Blizzard hold the coupler pocket in place while Dave Sands screws the nut on the end of the truss rod of flat car 6755.
Coleen Wilson gouges out old motor oil from the oil house, while Beth Mouritson vacuums up the dust.
Caboose 05635 rises again.
Caboose 05635 with the sides up at the start of Work Session F.
Brooks Wilson drills holes for the truss rods on caboose 05635.
Colleen Wilson points mortar in the oil house wall.
Lynn Huber finishes priming the door between the old roundhouse and the machine shop.
Richard Tower works on the telegraphone booth for Rock Tunnel.
Fred Springer and Randy Parks pull nails from the roof of the Big Horn telegraphone booth.
Brooks Wilson drives a truss rod down as Terry Boardman guides.
Caboose 05635 with the sides up and some top bows in place.
Telegraphone assembly line.
Don Jeurgonson and Richard Tower put a new roof on the Rock Tunnel telegraphone booth.
Brooks Wilson and Terry Boardman feed wood to Tim Bristow for 05635's roof.
Roy Blizzard sprays linseed oil on flat car 6755.
Flat car 6755 is complete and ready for painting.
Mary Metzler and bonnie Foster hand out fixin's for hamburgers to Tim Bristow.
The 2004 Work Session F volunteers.