2005 Work Session C Photos

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Les and Nan Clark load one of the vehicles with food at Sam's in Farmington.
Charlie Fowler and Holly Ross check in volunteer Bob Craine, while Tim Tennant looks on.
Mona Tully and Mary Cardin check the menu for the first day in the cook car.
The kitchen car crew checks the goodies in the supply car.
Mary Cardin addresses the volunteers at the Monday safety meeting.
Bill lock welcomes the work crews at the safety meeting.
The Work Session C volunteers.
Tony Kassin's crew peels decking from a flat car to check the condition of the sills.
Bob Tully's crew gets instructions on what they hope to accomplish this week.
Jeff Smith and Mr. Gish remove bolts from one of the Jordan ditcher-spreader chambers in order to check the seals.
The scale house crew removes ties from the scale pad. They will be replaced with new wood.
"Lucky Fred Springer," brakeman on the Galloping Goose No. 5.
Galloping Goose No. 5.
Terry Woolsey paints letters on caboose 0306.
Bob Tully at the Chama MainStreet Barbecue.
Incoming director Dan Pyzel at the Chama MainStreet Barbecue.
Kevin Woolridge of the Village Bean restaurant cooked 150 pounds of fantastic beef brisket for the barbecue.
Chama MainStreet coordinator Jim Haskell serves the meat.
Friends members enjoy dinner at the Chama Mainstreet Barbecue.
Another scene from the Chama MainStreet Barbecue.
Alfred Wendler glazes the windows of the log bunkhouse. The bunkhouse is probably the oldest structure in the Chama yard.
Dave Sherbum, paints a pipe gondola in the North Chama yard.
Line of painted pipe gons in the North Chama yard.
Kit Trenholm and John Schultz install new decking on flat car 6314.
Idler car restoration in progress.
Terry Rider cuts a bolt with a "Sawzall" on the Jordan Ditcher.
Volunteers rebuild concession car 451 back to its original boxcar configuration as car No. 3553.
Car 451 (3553) and the Jordan Ditcher.
Dick Burger and Larry Loos grind rust from the scale beams in the scale pit.
Volunteers remove a coupler from an idler car. From the condition of the wood, everyone wondered what was holding it together.
Chuck Armstrong sand blasts one of the tank cars.
Steel beam being slid in place in caboose 05635.
Don Bayer guides steel beam into place in caboose 05635.
Overall view of the Chama yards, showing three projects on tap and underway.
Doug Christensen masking roof on telegraphone booth, in preperation for paint.
Lumber stock for the work session projects.
Installing prototypical trucks on caboose 0579.
Installing prototypical trucks on caboose 0579.
Installing prototypical trucks on caboose 0579.
Caboose 05635 as of Wednesday morning.
Old wood removed from the idler flat car.
Craig Kumler, Bill Lock, James Reichert and Tim Bristow, drawing out a bow for the cupola roof on caboose 05635.
The Fairbanks Morse "Y" type engine in the coal tipple.
Chuck Irvin, Roger Briggs and Bill Strathearn load wood for the Osier stock pen restoration.
Don Storm and Clayton Sandt work on the idler car, while chronicler Arlene Crider makes notes.
LD Osborn removes roof walk bolts on caboose 0503, inside the temporary car shelter in Chama.
Craig Kumler sits on roof bow for weight so Bob Craine can saw "just a bit to fit" on caboose 05635.
Dennis Sterosky and Tim Bristow construct the cupola of caboose 05635, trying to beat an impending thunder storm.
Flat car 6200 is loaded with wood and tools, bound for Osier for the stock pen restoration. It will be part of the consist of Thursday's Chama-Antonito train.
Flat car 6200 in front of the Chama coal tipple under threatening skies.
John Bush installs new walkways on water car 0471 in Antonito.
The 0579 crew works on adjusting the caboose's brakes.
Lettering caboose 0579.
Chris Trunk with one of the marker lights that he donated to the caboose 0579 project.
Deadwood Jim. This is his tenth year working on 0579.
Lunch time at Antonito.
Bill Kepner, the guiding force behind the caboose 0579 project.
Caboose 0579. Simply gorgeous.
The interior of caboose 0579, with all new cabinetry.
Jack Dierberger paints the door hinges on reefer 157.
One of two pipe gons painted during Work Session C.
The conversion of concession car 450 back to boxcar 3591 is nearly complete. All that is needed is lettering.
Nan Clark barbecues hamburgers for the volunteer lunch.
Priming one of the tank cars.
Working on the idler flat car.
Caboose 0306 after lettering.
Priming the metalwork underneath the track scale.
At work on the Jordan ditcher-spreader.
One of the freshly painted tank cars.
Sealing the new decking on flat car 6314.
At work on caboose 0503.
The top beam of the center gate is being placed by Kyle Norcross (backhoe operator), Emmanuel Lopez, and Chris Norcross.
A telegraph pole for future line recreation is set by Kyle Norcross in the backhoe, and Ted Norcross and Emmanuel Lopez on the ground.
An overall view of the Osier stock pens from the Chama side.
John and Chris Norcross work on track drainage boxes.
The stock pens before work started from the Chama side.
John, Chris and Drew Norcross plot the site before work begins.
The stock pens before work started from the Antonito side.
The stock pen site from the Osier road before work started.
The stock pens before work started from the Antonito end.
The Work Session C Osier crew. Back row: Jim Hamblin, Lou Aprile. Center row: Chris Norcross, Emmanual Lopez, Gene Balderston, Mike Serna; Front row: Ted Norcross, Ron Carder, Drew Norcross, John Norcross, Brad Graton. Missing: Cletus Wander and Fred Kuhns.