2005 Work Session D Photos

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Spencer Wilson receives the General Palmer award at the Friends' annual meeting. Left-to-right: Bill Lock, Spencer Wilson, Jim Herron, Tim Tennant.
Art Nichols (right) also received a General Palmer award. Joe Vigil was the third recipient of the evening, but wasn't present to accept the award in person.
Incoming Chairman Bob Craine (left) and Friends founder Bill Lock (right) present outgoing Chairman Jim Herron with a rare D&RG book at the annual meeting.
Bob Tully addresses the volunteers at the safety meeting. His followers are either bowing their heads in prayer or falling asleep. You be the judge!
Bob Tully and Don Bayer attach a bracket to hold the steel beams in caboose 05635.
Bob Ross watches the mile post crew paint two mile posts and a whistle board.
Phil McDonald shows his crew what needs to be done on 489's cab.
Geof Gordon and Larry Jennings prime a box car door at the wood shop.
Installing new wood on the idler car.
James Sublett ties a milepost on to the running board of motor-car, for delivery to milepost 338.
Bob Tully grinds a shim to fit on bracket for steel beams on caboose 05635.
Don Storm cuts mortises in the end sill of the idler car.
Left-to-right: Charles Bretschneider, Ed Krech, and William Hurry. Their job was to wrap outfit coach 0252 in plywood to protect it from the elements.
Geof Gordon. His badge now reads "Geof Gordon, ex-Director".
Larry Jennings primes tongue-and-groove siding that will be used to build a new boxcar door.
Train time in Chama.
A doubleheader wraps around the curve approaching Lobato. A number of Friends volunteers played hooky this day!
Drop bottom gon 859 is but a skeleton. It is being restored in Antonito.
Randy Parks works on the rebuild of drop bottom gon 859.
Left to right: Rich Muth, Phil McDonald, Floyd McDonald, and Larry McDonald. Phil is an old hand at locomotive cab carpentry. This year he brought along his father and brother.
Mike Thode and Lawrence Harmon drive a bolt out of journal box for caboose 05635.
Joan Krech and Naomi Sublett plant flowers in Alta's garden.
Carl Turner, New Mexico commissioner, visits Work Session D.
The framing starts to go up on boxcar 3533. This car was converted to concession car 451 in the 1970s. It is presently undergoing a frame-up rebuild back to its original boxcar configuration.
Russ Hanscom, Clyde Putnam, Tony Kassin and Darin Calderon set the center sill on the idler car.
David Priddle (from England) and Mike Thode install siding on Caboose 0503.
One side of caboose 0503 is just about done.
Dinner at the High Country.
Dinner at the High Country.
Dinner at the High Country.
Both sides of caboose 0503 are nearly complete.
Don Storm, Clyde Putnam and Russ Hanscom, at work on the idler flat car.
Les Clark, Bob Tully and Don Bayer check the steel adapter plates on caboose 05635.
After tarping the roof of coach 0252 and covering it with protective plywood, the crew paints windows for fun. William Hurry, Ed Ketch and Charles Bretschneider.
The 'graffiti artists' at work, or play, on coach 0252.
The Chama log bunkhouse at the completion of Work Session D.
Recognition for the many volunteers and organizations that have helped to make the Antonito CRF a reality.
Brad Graton, Ted Norcross, Lou Aprile, Emmanuel Lopez and John Norcross unload material for the Osier stock pens.
Rebulding the Osier stock pen posts.
Emmanuel Lopez straightens new posts at the Osier stock pen.
Ted and Chris Norcross set posts as part of the Osier stock pen restoration.
John and Chris Norcross install new boards on the west side of the Osier stock pens. A scrap fire is in the background.
These holes were dug to set the center fence of the Osier stock pens, looking toward the loading chute.
The center posts have been set.
John and Chris Norcross salvage boards at Osier.
The Osier Work Session D crew. Back row: Kevin Pyle, Cletus Wander, Emmanuel Lopez, Lou Aprile, Jim Hamblin. Middle row: Fred Kuhns, Rudy Titsworth, Chris Norcross, Ted Norcross, Kyle Norcross, John Norcross. Front row: Mitchell Titsworth, Drew Norcross.
The new Osier stock pen gate in the foreground, with material to be stored in the rear. Pictured hard at work are Chris Norcross, John Norcross, Ted Norcross, Jim Hamblin, and Cletus Wander.